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 Subject :Guiding for Tutorials.. 03-04-2010 01:19:15 
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Dear Registered Users

If you need my guide for using our 'TUTORIALS' site in order to identfy your hazards in your production steps, you can ask your questions here.

You can use this forum to discuss other issues under each titles stated in this site.

A particular note to Turkish users: Turkish users can ask their questions here in Turkish if they need my help. I can translate it into English if necessary to open the problem for discussion if necessary.

EUropean Users: Unfortunately I can understand English and Turkish. If you have translating probles, you can contact our project 'Training and Dissemination Unit' (TDU) which is given at our concats information.

Lets communicate and make the website active.

Sevim Köse

The organiser of the website

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 Subject :Re:Guiding for Tutorials.. 09-06-2011 18:50:22 
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i neednt
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